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Rotary Tillers - Sabar Agro

  • H

    This model is particularly sturdy with the construction and accessories typical of larger models, and adapts well to different types of soil. It is mainly used in fruit growing and wine culture. On request it can be supplied with multi speed gearbox; gear side transmission and “duo cone” waterproof sealing are standard features!

  • AZ

    Orchard special rotary tiller, recommended for tractors from 25 up to 50 HP, for tilling also in vineyards and in all the inter-row crops. A robust and light machine for small tractors. The automatic hydraulic device allows lateral offset of 30 cm with constant in/out speed.


    This model is 100% produced in India. It has been designed for Indian market and soil condition

  • W

    Adjustable offset rotary tiller with incomparable quality: price ratio, light duty tiller ideal for small fields and orchards.

  • Paddy

    This model is 100% produced in India. Its special design guarantees a perfect seed-bed preparation in paddy fields. Thanks to its strong but light structure guarantees low tractor sinking.

  • U

    U model is a heavy duty rotary tiller. This model maintains some of the characteristics common to the success of the Maschio rotary tiller; side gear drive, particularly sturdy frame and gearbox with 4 gears designed by Maschio.

  • B

    The B model is suitable for 80 HP. It can work in hard soil conditions granting an optimum soil pulverization.

  • C

    The C model is a heavy duty rotary tiller, suitable for large farms. Some of the uses can be preparation of the ground after plowing, working on stubble and crop residues, mechanical control of weeds, direct preparation without plowing. The sturdy structure, the slip clutch PTO shaft and multispeed gearbox makes it the perfect match for high HP tractors.

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